Empowering time-stretched Business Owners & Hotel Managers

by offering flexible support with Project, Hotel & Events Management

Are you looking for a safe pair of hands to delegate some of your workload to as your business is growing or you want it to grow further and realise you cannot do it all by yourself as there is simply not enough time to do it all? 

Are you looking for someone to whom you can delegate critical support tasks to, in order to enable you to focus more on your priorities and things that really matter to you? 


By outsourcing to me you may be able to regain some of that much-needed headspace.  I fully appreciate outsourcing needs to be done with care as you will need someone to compliment your team,  a person who is trustworthy and responsible, to have your back. Why not have a call with me to see whether I can help you? 

It's my aim to  "make the magic happen", working behind the scenes, or in some instances assisting temporarily in front of house positions in the hotel industry. I bring people peace of mind, become their business sidekick and soundboard. I can be your right-hand person with all-year-round support, or simply help you for a limited period to clear your forever growing to-do list or maybe assist you with a one off project.  

My name is Lonneke Macauley, I am a Virtual Business Organiser /  Online Business Manager (OBM)  and the founder of the company.  I am a multi-lingual, highly motivated, and a widely skilled individual with more than 20 years of International work experience with excellent leadership, people, planning, communication, and organisation skills.

In a previous life, I was a Hotel Manager working in various large resorts around the world. Being customer-focused,  operating individually and part of a team is what I am still passionate about. Once I started a family I changed my career path and began my second career which was that of an Executive Assistant, where I worked for over ten years assisting C-level Executives. 

By outsourcing some of your significant tasks to me, you will have the freedom and time to focus on what you enjoy most. Whether this is taking your business to the next level or simply aiming for the work/life balance, after all, time is very precious!

Services range from ad hoc support, starting from one hour a month, to ongoing support on a retainer basis,  to tailored support on a project basis.  All at a fraction of the cost compared to employing someone. 

I would like to thank you for your time, please explore my website and feel free to contact me by email or phone,  should you have any questions.

Kind regards, 

Lonneke Macauley 



Meet the person behind the company

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Lonneke Macauley, founder & owner of Time Precious PA Ltd. 

Hi, my name is Lonneke Macauley,  the founder, and owner of Time Precious PA Ltd launched in June 2018. I am a multi-lingual, highly motivated Dutch national based in the UK for the past 14 years, providing strategic, operational, management and administrative support. ​I am a very detailed and organised person and believe in the power of efficiency. I am a self-motivator who enjoys teamwork and a challenge.

I am accustomed to wearing many “hats” in an organisation and I do not shy away from multi-tasking or hard work.


Keen to find a new challenge using my leadership, people, planning, communication and organisation skills acquired over the past 20 years during my international career; Time Precious PA Ltd seemed like a natural choice.  It was my desire to start a business venture whereby I could help others and at the same time, provide a better work/life balance for my family and myself.

Every business, from time to time, is in need of an extra pair of safe hands, which I have often experienced myself during my career and that is where the idea of setting up a virtual executive business support service stems from. 

For the last 10  years, I have worked in various business support roles assisting C-Executives. My most recent role in the corporate world, which was carried out mainly on a virtual basis,  was that of an Executive Assistant.  I worked with the Executive Leadership Team of one of the largest fast-paced global telecommunications service providers, providing 1-1 support to an internationally recognised top 20 Chief Marketing Officer (Forbes), delivering the highest level of business support ranging from critical office, team and stakeholder management in a multi-cultural environment. 

Prior to this, I spent more than 10 rewarding and productive years in the Hospitality Industry. I hold a BA in Hotel Management, with experience in various Senior Hotel Management positions mainly in the Caribbean.

I remain passionate about this industry and I am drawn to the customer-focused aspect of the hospitality business and my success lies in the ability to work and operate individually or as part of a team.

​I understand that running your own business or keeping your hotel running like clockwork can be challenging as I am a business owner myself and very much remember the days when I  used to manage hotels. I like to help people and that stems from my hospitality background. I love the fact that having a little bit of me in my clients'  lives makes a real difference to them and their business.  


For most of my clients, I work with them directly, I am their dedicated 'go-to' person, their online business partner, their business sidekick. However, due to the fact that I offer such flexible business support and do various Project Management Support throughout the year and some can be seasonal, my workload can vary a lot on a month to month basis. As a result, on selected projects and tasks, I may work with other freelancers and manage a small team of experts who compliment my services to ensure I can support all of my clients in the best possible way. All of these team members are carefully selected and these individuals are always introduced to my clients in advance so this is fully transparent.

​​If you are looking for flexible support to enable you to grow your business, need some help with hotel or general operational support to free up some of your precious time for you or one of your team members, don't hesitate, it's never too late, make that call or send me an email and start to delegate!

I offer a 30-minute free consultation, feel free to contact me, by emailing me on Lon@TimePreciousPA.com or call me on +447803425552. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Lonneke Macauley 

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Business Support:

Administrative, Executive and Lifestyle Support

Get yourself a sidekick, so you can stay organised and remain focused and time-efficient

As an experienced Executive Assistant supporting C-level executives with various project management assignments throughout my career,  it means you need to be multi-skilled, pro-active and anticipating needs.  With this in mind the following traditional virtual PA & EA services are offered:

  • Project Management

  • Pro-Active Diary Management

  • Inbox / Email Management (support & inbox detox)

  • Appointment Management

  • Expense Management

  • Executive Travel Planning & Management (the UK and International)

  • Liaising with clients to make appointments

  • Creating, editing and formatting documents

  • Mailchimp creation and newsletter (Package available)

  • Internet Research and follow up calls to potential new customers

  • Typing - copy

  • CRM Management 

  • Data entry and Database Management 

  • Reminder Services

  • Customer Service Assistance

  • Creating Eventbrite Events

  • Coordination of Sales Leads

  • Marketing Research

  • Managing Invoice Processes

  • Gift Selection and ordering

  • Holiday Cover

Running an efficient business takes a lot of time and effort, I fully appreciate this and am here to assist you with this. This can come with budget constraints and therefore it may not be achievable to hire a full-time staff member to support your business.

So, why not get the benefit of a freelance team member you can delegate things to and partner up with, on a pay as you need basis? A dedicated go-to person,  at a fraction of the cost of a full-time person. Someone you can trust and can help you with your productivity? 

Whether it is in the capacity as a Virtual Executive Assistant (VEA), Virtual  Private Assistant (VPA)  or to take charge in your business as an Online Business Manager (OBM), it all depends on your needs and level of delegation you are comfortable with. 

Please let me know what your challenges are, as the above list is not an exhaustive list of services.

Networking Event

Hospitality Management

People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management and a proven track record in running large hotels globally, there is a huge passion for the hospitality industry where skills and expertise such as organisation, planning, people and communication come naturally.

As a VA and OBM I work with different clients and have the flexibility to take on projects throughout the year. Although a lot of Hotel & Event planning is done virtually I am available, from time to time, for onsite support. I am Cheshire based and offer ad hoc / freelance Hotel Management Support whether this is for Back of House or Front of House Functions to assist hotels with holiday, sick or last-minute cover. 

Prices for these services are done on a project basis and vary depending on the length of time and assistance needed. 


Please find below an overview of the available pricing options. 

Kindly note - no work can commence without having a signed agreement in place.

Hourly Rate


Ad-hoc hourly service starting from one hour per month, subject to availability. 

Time/tasks are tracked with a time app and are billed by the minute.

Loyalty Rate

from £35.00 

Beneficial for people requiring ongoing support who wish to have guaranteed time in my calendar. 

Loyalty rates are retainer rates that are invoiced monthly in advance. Any unused time is non-transferable.

Choose depending on how much support you would like for you and your business on monthly basis.

Between 5 - 15 hours per month @ £37.50 per hour.

Between 16 - 20 hours per month @ £35.00 per hour.

Time/tasks are tracked with a time app and are billed by the minute.


Project Rate

Available upon request

These are quoted based on the scope of work and duration of the project.

Upon request, a day rate of £325.00 is available. This rate is based on exclusivity for the day as I work with multiple clients.


What people say

Lonneke is  a conscientious and talented individual that I could trust with executing the agreed strategy 100%. She took time to understand the business aims in detail and could analyse findings to make further recommendations.

Lon is not just responsive and reliable but also pro-active ,

anticipating needs, seeing opportunities and challenges ahead. She is degree educated and has experience in the hospitality sector which translate to excellent people skills.

Lon is a top notch professional, and her work ethic reflected in everything she laid hands on.

I have rarely come across someone who is so incredibly disciplined, enthusiastic, and adept at meeting multiple deadlines with a high-quality of work.

I highly recommend Lonneke's work!  She is organized, thorough, and always finds that special touch to make an event or meeting special. And best of all, she is wonderful to work with - fun, thoughtful, and kind.

Lonneke is multi-skilled and her organisational abilities are superb. She can transform a complex situation into something very straight forward. On a personal level, Lonneke has a great sense of humour.


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