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How to de-clutter your brain

How do you de-clutter your brain when dealing with an influx of emails?

We all know by now that multitasking is overrated and that the brain needs time to focus after switching between tasks. However, at the same time, we all have so many emails to review and respond to.

How do you deal with all the unread items, inbox management can be stressful if you don’t stay on top of it?

Personally, I like to administer the “2-minute rule”. I do this for all my (clients) emails. I scan my inbox, look at which ones I think will only take 2 minutes or less and respond to them right away. It’s quite satisfying as you get an immediate feeling of accomplishment and it clears up your inbox!

Any other emails which are urgent I will leave in my inbox to deal with right away (as I am a zero-inbox tolerance) or drag it into a pending folder for my action, later on, to deal with.

How do you deal with your emails?

Do you schedule specific times a day to check emails?

Do you read them all and set aside specific time to respond or you try to tackle the ones that you can respond to right away?

Let me know if you need some support if you are experiencing email overwhelm or perhaps need help with other flexible business support.

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